Sep 172012


Aug 042012

So often moments of Solitude pass by without notice or appreciation;

All too often these days I find myself reflecting at the end of the day, realising and end up wishing I did…




Jul 272012


Life is like a Rainbow
Jul 202012

This week Nelson Mandela celebrated his 94th birthday.  Fitting then to include a bit of Madiba wisdom for this week’s quote.

Madiba Wisdom

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Jul 132012

This one had me chuckling…

“Always go to bed with a good book. Or with someone who has just read one” – thingssheloves.tumblr.com

My hubby is an avid reader.  Anything from fiction to IT to business books – no topic is off-limits.  He loves to tell me interesting facts throughout the read.   It usually starts off with him recommending that I read the book.  Come the last page I can practically recite it!

Which do you like better?


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