Aug 222012

Our favourite colour for the bedroom? It’s Blue. Since we started off the week with Plascon’s Colour forecast, I thought we’ll continue with colour.

The latest issue of House Beautiful (September 2012), centres around colour. They surveyed thousands of designers, their readers & bloggers across America on colour preference, trends, and more. The favored paint color for the bedroom turned out to be BLUE. Since blue is such a calm, soothing colour, I suppose this is hardly surprising. Who doesn’t want their bedroom to be a place where they can unwind and relax?

For today’s post, some bedrooms in various shades of blue – from the dark navies to light powdery blue – and some with just pops of blue.

What colour is your bedroom? I have to be honest and say ours is grey and white with just the slightest touch of mustard & aqua (hardly noticible considering the blue to follow). If I had to go with blue it would definitely veer towards the darker shades!

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Mar 302012

The latest addition to the Coco Republic Interior Design Portfolio is decorated in soft blues and dove greys, oozing elegance and feminine charm suiting both client and property.

The walls are clad in a silver grass-cloth wallpaper which evokes a tranquil mood and sets the dove grey analine leather slipper chair and sofa off beautifully. An Afghan Kandahar luxury wool rug sets the stage for the pieces to come into their own. Side tables and footstools from Oly San Francisco add a quirky twist to the classic pieces and the retro 1970’s coffee table by the legendary American furniture designer Paul Evans is the icing on the cake.


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