Jul 222012

Naturally Spectacular

Nature does it in the most vivid spectacular array of colours!

Naturally Spectacular

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Jun 162012

Fashion designer John Rocha knows how to design. However his pared-down, simple vacation bungalow in St. Jean–Cap-Ferrat, France stands in stark contrast to his edgy and dark-cloaked runway models.

This bungalow is where he comes to relax and clear his mind. It’s no surprise then that the architecture is composed of uncomplicated geometry, white walls, Italian limestone and a tropical (backyard) oasis with a slate infinity pool.

Absolutely gorgeous; it’s one of my all-time favourites.



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Apr 202012

Autumn is well underway here at the southern most tip of Africa, but we’re having unusually kind weather at the moment.  I’m looking forward to the last few days poolside (or the patio!) and a nice, relaxing weekend.


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Mar 032012

The portfolio of the photographer Jordi Canosa is just a source of great inspiration. It is full of beautiful homes and houses from all over the world. This summer house is located in the small island Formentera. I just love how everything in this house was kept simple and clean without unnecessary furniture and accessories – perfect to get away from the rat race!

Source: 79ideas.org


Feb 182012

The moment I saw these pictures of Dar Kawa in Marrakech, Morocco, I just knew it was one of those places that had to be on my weekend on my  list. Redesigned by Valerie Barkowski with the help of architect Quentin Wilbaux, Dar Kawa’s style is all about simplicity and authenticity.

Think blissful, relaxation…