Dec 042011

For the last decade, Zac Freeman has saved pieces of household junk that would one day become a part of his masterfully intriguing art collection. From junk to Art!  He wanted to give his two-dimensional portraits three-dimensional value by using glue to meld everything from bottle caps, nails and old keyboard pieces onto a board to create faces that can only be seen from a distance. Zac has shown his work in exhibitions across the country which has successfully made its way to HD’s archives. Only when you stand back and see, the true picture comes to life. We wanted to give you the inspiration to think outside the box when creating your own artwork or anything else for that matter!

 Go on, dare to think different…

Nov 282011

Every home has items that are essential in terms of everyday living, but are unfortunately a necessary evil.  I’m talking about the pen & scrap piece of paper you need when you have to write down a number in a hurry; the notepad for those grocery items and the never-ending To-do lists; and the list goes on.  More often than not it ends up in a ‘high traffic’ zone simply because that is where you need it, right?

So, if you can’t hide it, display it!

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Nov 212011

Beautiful ideas for keeping your workspace tidy at home.  I found it here.

Nov 142011

Okay, I’m guilty!  Apologies to everyone who follows our ‘Get Organised‘ posts.  I skipped the last week in favour of my Birthday post.

I’m willing to bet we all have at least one bookcase in our homes.  Lets face it, it is not exactly the most interesting or inspiring piece of furniture around.  We all associate it with function and not for its ability to add to the decor of a room.  Well, we were wrong.  Have a look how something as simple as painting the backing board, covering it with your favourite wallpaper or adding colourful baskets/boxes can really make it come into its own.  And, how a dark or black background defines shelves and allows the items on display to stand out.

Having said that, the key to this look is always going to lie in keeping it neat.

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And then  the ultimate…

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Oct 242011

With 2 full-time university students in the house and 2 more enrolling next year, having everything organised is an absolute must for me.  Ever since I can remember I have collected boxes, crates and tins in all shapes and sizes which has all stood me in good stead over the years.  You can leave them as-is if you favour a vintage look, or cover it with anything from beautiful wrapping paper to mock leather – the possibilities are literally endless.

Our earlier post on getting organised had such an amazing response from you guys that we’ve decided to make it a regular feature on our blog.  Let us know what you think and share some of your own ideas!

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Wooden library card file cabinet – great for organizing supplies or photos. Or how about placing it in the kitchen and filling the drawers with recipe cards, spices or other small utensils.

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Milk bottle carrier – fill with supplies, potted plants or herbs in the kitchen!

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Well-ordered junk drawer with expandable organisers

Altered cans – very pretty and good for storing almost anything.

Floor to ceiling shelving

Shelves made from old wooden crates; love the wire baskets!

So pretty…