Mar 072012

To live in Sweden, is to live in  well aired spaces, it seems.  It is all about the balance between form & function and decorations are kept at an elegant minimum. This 105 square meter apartment’s hub is the open plan living room with a furniture set in woven wood fibers. It is located in  Saltsjöbaden, right by the Baltic Sea—hence the ships, rope motifs and sailors featured throughout.

Anything but your average little seaside pad

Simplicity rules supreme, from the floating bar in the kitchen with built-in appliances, to the dining table for six. Of course, creativity also abound, as seen in the immaculately white wall covered in minute mosaic tiles, or the regally sized chairs around the dining table.

The view opens up to the adjoining street, with its quiet homes and rustling tree branches. Meanwhile, somewhere not too far off in the distance the Baltic sea lapse at the shore and the white boats gently bounce up and down its soft, nurturing waves.