Sep 022012

Red Ging­ham and scis­sors — An unusual title for me and if you thought this is no ordi­nary post, you would be right.

Red Gingham


“Mom, do you have another set of iphone ear­phones?” - the first thought that crossed my mind was that Bianca must think I keep a secret stash of ear­phones some­where.  Either that, or some­thing has hap­pened.  The typ­i­cal thing a mother would think, right?

Last week she had an order for cup­cakes for a music recital.  The request was for the cup­cakes to be dis­played on a stand of red ging­ham.  Resource­ful as she is, she decided to make the stand.  And since it is the most nat­ural thing for a 22-year-old to be lis­ten­ing to music, why not whilst work­ing on a project?  Well, it turns out she was cut­ting the fab­ric on her bed (yep!).  She WAS hold­ing it high enough, care­full not to cut the duvet.  Next thing she knew… ear­phones in 3 pieces!

I came across this pic­ture and couldn’t help but smile.  I hope you’re smil­ing too…

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Jul 142012

Out­door fun with the fam­ily was on the agenda last Sun­day.  It is win­ter here, but we’ve only seen a hand­ful of really cold days.  Sun­day turned out to be a beau­ti­ful warm day and that just begs for some out­door activ­ity.  It involved loads of adven­ture too — per­fect for stu­dents on holiday.

Sure there is a story behind the story and it goes like this …

A while ago our eldest daugh­ter, Bianca, can home with a moun­tain bike.  It wasn’t too long or her sis­ter fol­lowed suit.  My fam­ily love spend­ing time out­doors and that did it — Layne didn’t waste any time get­ting him­self a bike and Dae­gan got one for his birth­day last week.  I’m the only one still con­sid­er­ing my options, but the die is pretty much cast!

A very proud Layne with all the girls

Although we live in the city, there are quite a few nature reserves in close prox­im­ity.  The clos­est being Groen­kloof Nature reserve — a mere 15 min­utes drive from home — where most of last Sun­day was spent.  For those who have bicy­cles, there are loads of tracks rang­ing in level of dif­fi­culty; for the more reserved bunch, hik­ing trails.  The rest stay at the base and see to refresh­ments.  A typ­i­cal ses­sion lasts around 45 min­utes and their return is marked by teas­ing, com­par­i­son of speed, moan­ing about wounds (yes!) and hunger pangs.  Vast quan­ti­ties of fruit and nuts are con­sumed before they set off again.

Outdoor fun


Family fun

Dae­gan, Layne & Illanka tak­ing a break at the top.  The zebra in the back­ground wasn’t their only ani­mal encounter.  They also came across a giraffes, water­buck and wilde­beest in the reserve.

Family fun

Dae­gan, wait­ing for the pack to catch up.

Family fun

Zane & Bianca back at the base after round 1

Illanka get­ting a hug from mom (that’s me!); cel­lu­lar phone in hand ready to add a few pic­tures on Face­book.  Talk about (almost) live coverage

Rid­ing makes you hun­gry and they arrive back in time for the braai - the South African ver­sion of a bar­be­cue.  Late after­noon arrived too soon and with that it was time to pack up.

Need­less to say, the evening was spent nurs­ing aching mus­cles and sev­eral scrapes.  Too much adven­ture and fresh air sent them all off to bed rather early.  But not before plan­ning the next adventure…



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Jul 072012

Finally time to Relax.

Last week was par­tic­u­larly busy with prepa­ra­tions for our local com­mu­nity ven­ture, but the past few days can only be described as crazy.  Not only did we have the com­mu­nity ven­ture, I started a new project to boot.  Planned for only 4 hours each day but I ended up spend­ing much more - my old habit of not being able to say no.  And that wasn’t all. My Alma mater called with an urgent issue and nat­u­rally I agreed to help. Yep!

My eldest agreed to do a gazil­lion cup­cakes for the com­mu­nity ven­ture and it seemed there was never a moment where the kitchen coun­ters were not filled up with dough of some sorts, or tons of icing.  The youngest agreed to help with the lit­tle ones and promptly filled up the din­ing room with sup­plies for crafts and mosaic activ­i­ties.  A week filled with bak­ing and cart­ing cup­cakes & sup­plies to the ven­ture.  All is well that ends well, and I’m thrilled that the com­mu­nity ven­ture was a resound­ing success.


Now for some Me time…

Here is some of what I pic­ture doing this weekend

Sleep in

a nice, long bath

Catch up on a few reads

Get some fresh air (hope­fully the weather plays along)

Hope you all have a great weekend.


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Jun 232012

I’ve always wanted to visit Baby­lon­storen and if I could have my way it would be this weekend.

Baby­lon­storen is a Cape Dutch farm with vine­yards and orchards sur­rounded by the dra­matic moun­tains of the Drak­en­stein Val­ley. Roughly 60 km out­side of the city of Cape Town, South Africa, it has an excep­tion­ally well–preserved werf dat­ing from 1690.  The gar­den is at the heart of the farm.  It was inspired by the Com­pany Gar­dens of the Cape, where for cen­turies ships would replen­ish with sweet water, veg­eta­bles and fruit at the halfway sta­tion between Europe and Asia.  It also hales back to the myth­i­cal gar­den of Baby­lon.

The gar­den lies behind the main house and bor­ders the guest suites.  Every one of over 300 vari­eties of plants is edi­ble.  The gar­den is divided into fif­teen clus­ters span­ning veg­etable areas, berries, bees, indige­nous plants, ducks and chick­ens and includes a prickly pear maze.  Grav­ity feeds water into water­ways from streams into the gar­den as it was done for 300 years.

I can imag­ine wan­der­ing around smelling indige­nous herb gar­dens, blos­soms and flow­ers from what­ever may be in bloom.  Can you think of a bet­ter way to spend the after­noon than at the glass enclosed restau­rant or under the Plain trees in the courtyard?


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Jun 222012

I can’t believe it is Fri­day already!

The week has flown by and the week­end is going to be even busier.  We’ve joined up with a few entre­pre­neurs from our local com­mu­nity and are wildly busy with prepa­ra­tions for a win­ter hol­i­day exhibition.

A lit­tle reminder to myself and you…

Don't forget