Sep 022012

Red Gingham and scissors – An unusual title for me and if you thought this is no ordinary post, you would be right.

Red Gingham


“Mom, do you have another set of iphone earphones?” – the first thought that crossed my mind was that Bianca must think I keep a secret stash of earphones somewhere.  Either that, or something has happened.  The typical thing a mother would think, right?

Last week she had an order for cupcakes for a music recital.  The request was for the cupcakes to be displayed on a stand of red gingham.  Resourceful as she is, she decided to make the stand.  And since it is the most natural thing for a 22-year-old to be listening to music, why not whilst working on a project?  Well, it turns out she was cutting the fabric on her bed (yep!).  She WAS holding it high enough, carefull not to cut the duvet.  Next thing she knew… earphones in 3 pieces!

I came across this picture and couldn’t help but smile.  I hope you’re smiling too…

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Jul 142012

Outdoor fun with the family was on the agenda last Sunday.  It is winter here, but we’ve only seen a handful of really cold days.  Sunday turned out to be a beautiful warm day and that just begs for some outdoor activity.  It involved loads of adventure too – perfect for students on holiday.

Sure there is a story behind the story and it goes like this …

A while ago our eldest daughter, Bianca, can home with a mountain bike.  It wasn’t too long or her sister followed suit.  My family love spending time outdoors and that did it – Layne didn’t waste any time getting himself a bike and Daegan got one for his birthday last week.  I’m the only one still considering my options, but the die is pretty much cast!

A very proud Layne with all the girls

Although we live in the city, there are quite a few nature reserves in close proximity.  The closest being Groenkloof Nature reserve – a mere 15 minutes drive from home – where most of last Sunday was spent.  For those who have bicycles, there are loads of tracks ranging in level of difficulty; for the more reserved bunch, hiking trails.  The rest stay at the base and see to refreshments.  A typical session lasts around 45 minutes and their return is marked by teasing, comparison of speed, moaning about wounds (yes!) and hunger pangs.  Vast quantities of fruit and nuts are consumed before they set off again.

Outdoor fun


Family fun

Daegan, Layne & Illanka taking a break at the top.  The zebra in the background wasn’t their only animal encounter.  They also came across a giraffes, waterbuck and wildebeest in the reserve.

Family fun

Daegan, waiting for the pack to catch up.

Family fun

Zane & Bianca back at the base after round 1

Illanka getting a hug from mom (that’s me!); cellular phone in hand ready to add a few pictures on Facebook.  Talk about (almost) live coverage

Riding makes you hungry and they arrive back in time for the braai – the South African version of a barbecue.  Late afternoon arrived too soon and with that it was time to pack up.

Needless to say, the evening was spent nursing aching muscles and several scrapes.  Too much adventure and fresh air sent them all off to bed rather early.  But not before planning the next adventure…



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Jul 072012

Finally time to Relax.

Last week was particularly busy with preparations for our local community venture, but the past few days can only be described as crazy.  Not only did we have the community venture, I started a new project to boot.  Planned for only 4 hours each day but I ended up spending much more – my old habit of not being able to say no.  And that wasn’t all. My Alma mater called with an urgent issue and naturally I agreed to help.  Yep!

My eldest agreed to do a gazillion cupcakes for the community venture and it seemed there was never a moment where the kitchen counters were not filled up with dough of some sorts, or tons of icing.  The youngest agreed to help with the little ones and promptly filled up the dining room with supplies for crafts and mosaic activities.  A week filled with baking and carting cupcakes & supplies to the venture.  All is well that ends well, and I’m thrilled that the community venture was a resounding success.


Now for some Me time…

Here is some of what I picture doing this weekend

Sleep in

a nice, long bath

Catch up on a few reads

Get some fresh air (hopefully the weather plays along)

Hope you all have a great weekend.


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Jun 232012

I’ve always wanted to visit Babylonstoren and if I could have my way it would be this weekend.

Babylonstoren is a Cape Dutch farm with vineyards and orchards surrounded by the dramatic mountains of the Drakenstein Valley. Roughly 60 km outside of the city of Cape Town, South Africa, it has an exceptionally well–preserved werf dating from 1690.  The garden is at the heart of the farm.  It was inspired by the Company Gardens of the Cape, where for centuries ships would replenish with sweet water, vegetables and fruit at the halfway station between Europe and Asia.  It also hales back to the mythical garden of Babylon.

The garden lies behind the main house and borders the guest suites.  Every one of over 300 varieties of plants is edible.  The garden is divided into fifteen clusters spanning vegetable areas, berries, bees, indigenous plants, ducks and chickens and includes a prickly pear maze.  Gravity feeds water into waterways from streams into the garden as it was done for 300 years.

I can imagine wandering around smelling indigenous herb gardens, blossoms and flowers from whatever may be in bloom.  Can you think of a better way to spend the afternoon than at the glass enclosed restaurant or under the Plain trees in the courtyard?


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Jun 222012

I can’t believe it is Friday already!

The week has flown by and the weekend is going to be even busier.  We’ve joined up with a few entrepreneurs from our local community and are wildly busy with preparations for a winter holiday exhibition.

A little reminder to myself and you…

Don't forget