Nov 252011

Way back when I started teach­ing art for the local peo­ple in our com­mu­nity, I had to teach them about colour. That in itself, is a sci­ence you have to under­stand and exper­i­ment with until you instinc­tively know which colour to use for the desired effect.

Liv­ing in a small town com­mu­nity we had lim­ited access to art mate­ri­als now, any artist would know when the urge to draw hits you, you can’t wait. You have to (in my case) put pen­cil to paper. My only regret with this work is that I didn’t use proper art colour pen­cils but ordi­nary sta­tionery. These form a waxy layer and the result is that you can’t get the inten­sity of colour you want. When next we had a trip to the city, I bought myself a proper set of Der­went colour­ing pencil’s.

So here she is, a prac­ti­cal les­son in draw­ing and colour…