Aug 222012

Our favourite colour for the bedroom? It’s Blue. Since we started off the week with Plascon’s Colour forecast, I thought we’ll continue with colour.

The latest issue of House Beautiful (September 2012), centres around colour. They surveyed thousands of designers, their readers & bloggers across America on colour preference, trends, and more. The favored paint color for the bedroom turned out to be BLUE. Since blue is such a calm, soothing colour, I suppose this is hardly surprising. Who doesn’t want their bedroom to be a place where they can unwind and relax?

For today’s post, some bedrooms in various shades of blue – from the dark navies to light powdery blue – and some with just pops of blue.

What colour is your bedroom? I have to be honest and say ours is grey and white with just the slightest touch of mustard & aqua (hardly noticible considering the blue to follow). If I had to go with blue it would definitely veer towards the darker shades!

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Aug 202012

Plascon’s decor trend predictions.

The much-anticipated Plascon colour forecast for 2013 was officially announced at Decorex SA and this year the focus is on Balance. Colour trends are influenced by the mood of society; we are drawn to colours that reflect how we feel. Prompted by the chaos of a constantly changing world 2013’s colours aim to bring calm and stability through four key colour themes.

Headed up by Plascon’s colour manager Anne Roselt, the annual forecast takes its cue from current trends across the globe. The current selection called for a panel of experts including Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Colour Institute and local style authorities Laurence Brick, Cathy O’ Cleary, Jodi Robertson and Themba Mngomezulu.

Four key themes form the core of Balance:

Simplicity: the focus here is on peace, optimism and nature with serene light white hues, sparkly metallics and deep greens.

Plascon Colour Forecast


Key Influences: Everyday escape, understated elegance, raw textures, copper, antique gold and silver, safari chic, modern sanctuary spaces.

Contrast: think contemplative blues and greys which impart a notion of being centred, while pops of energetic pink and yellow up the ante bringing balance through contrast. Light and dark denim blues are also included in the palette.


Key influences: 50s urban chic, colour defined spaces, vintage brights, sophisticated energy, optimism.

Pause: drawing on an awareness of the here and now and the necessity to think of one’s own needs, shades lean toward light and feminine tones, nostalgic yet contemporary.

Source: yvestown.com


Key Influences: Icy tones, Great Gatsby, 1920s, shimmer and sparkle, nostalgia, soft and subtle.

Dare: the more vibrant of the themes, calling on energy and motivation for inspiration. The result is a collection of shades that aims to lift the spirits.

Source: etsy.com


Key Influences: Afro-chic, colour-blocked geometrics, folk-inspired art and craft, retro brights, bold minimalism.

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Jul 052012

New shades and tones have sown the seeds of a mustard revival, and rooms everywhere are reaping the benefit.

Mustard has gone from dated to dashing. Yellow can be a difficult color to work with, but the browns in mustard make it a little easier to approach. Need proof? Just look at the varied personalities that mustard takes on below.

Muted. Deep gray keeps a mustard coverlet and pillows in check, preserving this bedroom’s quiet air.

Subtle. Add a splash of colour to an all-white scheme.

Strong.To pull off a yellow sofa, you need a room to stand up to the impact. These graphic schemes rises to the challenge.
Mod. Deep mustard yellow, a classic mid-century hue, perfectly complements the retro attitude of this living area and reflects the golden flooring color.

The perfect foil for the graphical pattern in the curtains

Source: hgtv.com

Glam. Mustard-yellow adds a swanky top note

Source: Erin on Pinterest

Formal.Mustard shows its traditional side in this gracious living room
Cheery. This yellow door simply beams, drawing visitors right in.

Eclectic. It’s hard to imagine another wall color that would look as fitting as mustard does in this casual bedroom. It’s just offbeat enough to support the whimsical gallery wall.

Source: houzz.com

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Jun 042012

Tone-on-tone decorating refers to combining different tonal variations of the same color.  Whether you lean towards the calming greens of jade, moss, mint, apple and emerald for your bedroom or would love your living room to be awash with blues that are as deep as the ocean or as light as the sky, decorating with these colours tone-on-tone will evoke a connection with nature like no other will.


Working with harmonious natural wood tones is so fresh. Unless your intention is rustic wood cabin, keep your eye out for contemporary pieces of furniture or items with a modern twist.  Try using the natural hues of wood as an accent among the blues or greens. Grey also works well and adds a refined appeal. A throw rug in a steely grey tossed across the back of a chair, stainless-steel benches, polished-concrete floors or chunky rugs that run from grey into grey-blue would all be right at home.

tone-on-tone decorating

tone-on-tone decorating

Panels of highly grained timber are beautiful backdrops for lighter cabinets or timber cut-outs, which are affordable pieces of art in themselves. Wood is so tactile that collecting special pieces can become quite an obsession.

Blue and green tones

There’s a growing global trend for harmonious colour combinations, particularly using tones of blue with other tones of blue as well as shades of green with green. Mixing it up with natural elements such as timber, which itself has lots of variations in both colour and texture, relaxes the look, making it a perfect palette for the way we live in South Africa.

The key to making this work is balance. Pattern is wonderful but aim for a ratio of 30 per cent pattern against 70 per cent plain if you want the space to feel calm. Texture, be it in the scuffed-up paint on a treasured kitchen chair or the mottled pigment of a chalky wall, adds warmth through the suggestion of age. Bring in a breath of fresh, seasonal air with flowers in shades of the same colour: think hydrangea, cornflower, iris and lavender for starters.

All shades of blue work well together. Deep inky blues offset turquoise shades and a dash of white brightens everything.

tone-on-tone decorating

Blue, in all its forms, be it cobalt, navy, royal, aqua or eggshell, is a meditative colour and green evokes harmony, making both perfect for a bedroom.

Forest, citrus and emerald greens sparkle when grouped in displays of glass or dishes piled high on open shelves. Living with blues and greens isn’t about matching shades, as the effect may look contrived. It’s the subtle contrast between colours that makes this tone-on-tone approach so refreshing. It’s a great starting point for any decorating experiment.

tone-on-tone decorating

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Apr 162012

Hello, everyone! It’s Mari here from Design Shuffle, a fabulous online community for interior designers and design lovers from around the world. Being a writer for Design Shuffle allows me to visit great interior design blogs like Lily & Rose as a guest blogger. Today’s design inspiration topic is creating mood in living spaces. Often, when the phrase “mood in interior design” is used, it refers to setting a romantic mood, but mood is so much more than that. The mood or feel of a home’s environment can have a positive effect on those who live there. Color palette, lighting, space, flow and even pattern and texture can affect the mood in interior designs. Here are eight interesting ways to create mood in design. Please enjoy!

Design Mood
Though this beautiful natural environment is mood-setting in itself, the wide open glass “walls” and the blue and white of the draperies reinforces that uniquely special mood that only the sea can create.
Design Mood
Another blue space takes on an entirely different mood than the one pictured above. A rustic and inviting space welcomes family and visitors immediately as they enter this lovely foyer.
Design Mood
A chic, somewhat masculine, dining space is infused with a whimsical, light-hearted mood by the addition of a totally unexpected hanging light fixture. I love the mix of contemporary furnishings and beautiful traditional architectural elements.
Design Mood
We don’t often think of mood when discussing kitchen design ideas, but something as simple as this irresistible tin container and potted plant can imbue a space with a bright cheerful feel.

Design Mood
This home office includes a special children’s area that sets the mood for quiet play and reading. Colorful happy living environments help children and adults thrive.
Design Mood
Creating a mood for relaxation is one of the most sought after elements in the master bath. Soft colors, crystal chandelier, a deep soaking tub and even the small vase of pink flowers create that coveted retreat-like atmosphere in this spacious bathroom.
Design Mood

Though exceptionally formal, this pale sitting room takes on the perfect mood for elegantly relaxed entertaining. How lovely is the chandelier dropped from a silvery domed ceiling?

This gorgeous black, white and gold bedroom design creates a slightly glam version of bedroom as retreat. The mood is all about luxurious relaxation. What a successful interior design has been created here—spellbinding!

Image via: decorpad.com

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