Aug 292012

Many peo­ple think of leather with uphol­stery as a no-no when it comes to fur­nish­ings.  Con­sid­ered oppo­sites, few peo­ple would ordi­nar­ily use the com­bi­na­tion in a liv­ing room. How­ever, these liv­ing spaces effort­lessly mix and match uphol­stery with leather, putting this com­bi­na­tion into a whole new light…

Leather and Upholstery

the clean lines of the leather pieces adds the chic to these rooms

Leather and Upholstery

leather pro­vides tex­ture — a great way to cre­ate a well-rounded visual space

the best of many worlds — leather, tuft­ing & upholstery

Adding char­ac­ter & visual inter­est to a calm, ele­gant space.



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Aug 282012

My grandmother’s house had the most beau­ti­ful Tin Ceil­ings. Many a Sun­day after­noon was spent star­ing at the intri­cate pat­terns — for me just about the only appeal­ing thing about our enforced naps. I’m a huge fan of the metal­lic, ele­gant look of a gor­geous tin ceil­ing. Quite a few restau­rants have used this beau­ti­ful decor con­cept con­fi­dently, but see­ing a sparkling tin ceil­ing in a res­i­den­tial set­ting is just as breathtaking.

Our house bor­ders more on the mod­ern, so there is no chance of me hav­ing one. I still think it would look absolutely stun­ning in a chic, ele­gant study; So sophis­ti­cated. Are you a fan of tin ceilings?

Tin Ceilings


Image cred­its: amanda cromwell, decor pad, elle decor, houzz, laven­der and ash, google.com

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Aug 232012

The Indus­trial Farm­house of Esme and Kobus van Heer­den is one with a real touch of roman­ti­cism and it has cap­tured my imag­i­na­tion since I first came across it on The Pretty Blog.  The cou­ple had been liv­ing on the prop­erty for 17 years before they decided on a com­plete redo in 2010.  The leak­ing roof they’d finally had enough of, plus the major changes they wanted lead to the brave deci­sion to demol­ish the orig­i­nal house.

Over the years they had col­lected a lot of old pantry cup­boards & other fur­ni­ture and planned the house around the pieces they had.  Esmé says they tried to recy­cle wher­ever they could. “Our son, Lau­rie trans­formed old, solid Ore­gon pine kitchen tops into a work­ing area for the office, roof beams were machined down and changed into shelves for the pantry and the linen room.”

The fam­ily moved into their new home just 7 months ago. “What a joy to move back to a brand new house, but still com­ing home to the big old trees we knew so well and the piece of land where the foot­prints of our chil­dren were embed­ded”, says Esmé.

They man­aged to mix old and new per­fectly.  It is edgy & fresh, but still man­ages to reflect the per­son­al­ity of its own­ers — just gorgeous.

Industrial Farmhouse


The lovely images was taken by Yolandé Marx.


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Aug 222012

Our favourite colour for the bed­room? It’s Blue. Since we started off the week with Plascon’s Colour fore­cast, I thought we’ll con­tinue with colour.

The lat­est issue of House Beau­ti­ful (Sep­tem­ber 2012), cen­tres around colour. They sur­veyed thou­sands of design­ers, their read­ers & blog­gers across Amer­ica on colour pref­er­ence, trends, and more. The favored paint color for the bed­room turned out to be BLUE. Since blue is such a calm, sooth­ing colour, I sup­pose this is hardly sur­pris­ing. Who doesn’t want their bed­room to be a place where they can unwind and relax?

For today’s post, some bed­rooms in var­i­ous shades of blue — from the dark navies to light pow­dery blue — and some with just pops of blue.

What colour is your bed­room? I have to be hon­est and say ours is grey and white with just the slight­est touch of mus­tard & aqua (hardly noti­ci­ble con­sid­er­ing the blue to fol­low). If I had to go with blue it would def­i­nitely veer towards the darker shades!

Source: elledecor.com

Source: decorpad.com

Source: Pin­ter­est

Source: houzz.com

Source: Pin­ter­est

Source: thelennoxx.com


Addi­tional credit: bellemaison23.com

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Aug 162012

Imag­ine com­bin­ing all of these inte­rior pho­tographs by Matthew Williams and cre­at­ing one, big, beau­ti­ful space…

Where every­thing is beau­ti­ful, even when messy, the light­ing is always per­fect and the stacks of books & pil­lows look like works of art.  So pretty.

Matthew Williams