Aug 292012

Many people think of leather with upholstery as a no-no when it comes to furnishings.  Considered opposites, few people would ordinarily use the combination in a living room. However, these living spaces effortlessly mix and match upholstery with leather, putting this combination into a whole new light…

Leather and Upholstery

the clean lines of the leather pieces adds the chic to these rooms

Leather and Upholstery

leather provides texture – a great way to create a well-rounded visual space

the best of many worlds – leather, tufting & upholstery

Adding character & visual interest to a calm, elegant space.



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Aug 282012

My grandmother’s house had the most beautiful Tin Ceilings. Many a Sunday afternoon was spent staring at the intricate patterns – for me just about the only appealing thing about our enforced naps. I’m a huge fan of the metallic, elegant look of a gorgeous tin ceiling. Quite a few restaurants have used this beautiful decor concept confidently, but seeing a sparkling tin ceiling in a residential setting is just as breathtaking.

Our house borders more on the modern, so there is no chance of me having one. I still think it would look absolutely stunning in a chic, elegant study; So sophisticated. Are you a fan of tin ceilings?

Tin Ceilings


Image credits: amanda cromwell, decor pad, elle decor, houzz, lavender and ash, google.com

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Aug 232012

The Industrial Farmhouse of Esme and Kobus van Heerden is one with a real touch of romanticism and it has captured my imagination since I first came across it on The Pretty Blog.  The couple had been living on the property for 17 years before they decided on a complete redo in 2010.  The leaking roof they’d finally had enough of, plus the major changes they wanted lead to the brave decision to demolish the original house.

Over the years they had collected a lot of old pantry cupboards & other furniture and planned the house around the pieces they had.  Esmé says they tried to recycle wherever they could. “Our son, Laurie transformed old, solid Oregon pine kitchen tops into a working area for the office, roof beams were machined down and changed into shelves for the pantry and the linen room.”

The family moved into their new home just 7 months ago. “What a joy to move back to a brand new house, but still coming home to the big old trees we knew so well and the piece of land where the footprints of our children were embedded”, says Esmé.

They managed to mix old and new perfectly.  It is edgy & fresh, but still manages to reflect the personality of its owners – just gorgeous.

Industrial Farmhouse


The lovely images was taken by Yolandé Marx.


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Aug 222012

Our favourite colour for the bedroom? It’s Blue. Since we started off the week with Plascon’s Colour forecast, I thought we’ll continue with colour.

The latest issue of House Beautiful (September 2012), centres around colour. They surveyed thousands of designers, their readers & bloggers across America on colour preference, trends, and more. The favored paint color for the bedroom turned out to be BLUE. Since blue is such a calm, soothing colour, I suppose this is hardly surprising. Who doesn’t want their bedroom to be a place where they can unwind and relax?

For today’s post, some bedrooms in various shades of blue – from the dark navies to light powdery blue – and some with just pops of blue.

What colour is your bedroom? I have to be honest and say ours is grey and white with just the slightest touch of mustard & aqua (hardly noticible considering the blue to follow). If I had to go with blue it would definitely veer towards the darker shades!

Source: elledecor.com

Source: decorpad.com

Source: Pinterest

Source: houzz.com

Source: Pinterest

Source: thelennoxx.com


Additional credit: bellemaison23.com

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Aug 162012

Imagine combining all of these interior photographs by Matthew Williams and creating one, big, beautiful space…

Where everything is beautiful, even when messy, the lighting is always perfect and the stacks of books & pillows look like works of art.  So pretty.

Matthew Williams