May 262012

Week­end and Time to wind down.

The month so far has been filled with birth­days and with the mak­ing of birth­day cakes — my old­est daughter’s first love.  She qual­i­fied as a chef in her first year after fin­ish­ing school and pas­try was her favourite part of it — not sur­pris­ing since she’s quite the artist.  Cur­rently study­ing towards a degree in com­merce, she makes birth­day cakes for extra pocket money but would give any­thing to be able to do it more often.  If only her mother didn’t insist that she fin­ishes her degree first.

Hers is the kind where your imag­i­na­tion is the only limit.  Need­less to say, these cre­ations take quite some time to make and even­tu­ally we’re all put to work.  We will not men­tion what the kitchen looks like after­ward!  Yes­ter­day was another such day but with one dif­fer­ence — the elec­tric­ity went off and stayed off.  Luck­ily the bak­ing part was all done by the time it hap­pened.  The rest of the cake came together as the sun went down and amidst a floor full of cables run­ning from the gen­er­a­tor to the kitchen, dad try­ing his best to find some kind of lamp that would  pro­vide enough light and hav­ing to help roll out fon­dant icing that was fast becom­ing too cold to mold into shape!

All is well that ends well, and by that I mean the cus­tomer was happy.  Need­less to say we woke up to a kitchen in a sham­bles this morn­ing since it was too dark last night and these things don’t clean well with cold water.

I am look­ing for­ward to wind­ing down and hav­ing a week­end.  What are you up to?


Too dark also to take a pic­ture of last night’s cake, but here’s the artist and some of what she’s made in the past.  You can imag­ine the kind of stress that goes when these sugar cre­ations come together!



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