May 262012

Weekend and Time to wind down.

The month so far has been filled with birthdays and with the making of birthday cakes – my oldest daughter’s first love.  She qualified as a chef in her first year after finishing school and pastry was her favourite part of it – not surprising since she’s quite the artist.  Currently studying towards a degree in commerce, she makes birthday cakes for extra pocket money but would give anything to be able to do it more often.  If only her mother didn’t insist that she finishes her degree first.

Hers is the kind where your imagination is the only limit.  Needless to say, these creations take quite some time to make and eventually we’re all put to work.  We will not mention what the kitchen looks like afterward!  Yesterday was another such day but with one difference – the electricity went off and stayed off.  Luckily the baking part was all done by the time it happened.  The rest of the cake came together as the sun went down and amidst a floor full of cables running from the generator to the kitchen, dad trying his best to find some kind of lamp that would  provide enough light and having to help roll out fondant icing that was fast becoming too cold to mold into shape!

All is well that ends well, and by that I mean the customer was happy.  Needless to say we woke up to a kitchen in a shambles this morning since it was too dark last night and these things don’t clean well with cold water.

I am looking forward to winding down and having a weekend.  What are you up to?


Too dark also to take a picture of last night’s cake, but here’s the artist and some of what she’s made in the past.  You can imagine the kind of stress that goes when these sugar creations come together!



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