May 092012

An entryway is more than a simple doorway; it’s the space where the transition is made from the exterior to the interior – from public space to private space. The entry or foyer also offers visitors the first view of your home, so its significance is greater than its size.  Your entryway should reflect your home’s style and create a single point from which all the other rooms flow.

Whether your space is a hallway, a room or a single wall, I hope these images give you ideas on how to create a gracious entrance to welcome your guests.

Source: blog.wanken.com

Source: joytribout.com

Source: elledecor.com

Source: fancycribs.com



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  1. These are great entry spaces Irma. People are often stumped as to how to design their entry ways. It is one of great importance. One thing of note is that it doesn’t take much to have a great entry space. A few wow pieces will do. Thanks for sharing.

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