Jan 152012

While en route on the Meander, we discovered another innovative little place called  Pigly Wigly.  A few different businesses share the premises – a Deli, craft shop, Art Bar, Linen & Interior Shop and Sterling’s Wrought Iron.

These guys are definitely going all green. And, with being situated in a farming community they have access to numerous old discarded tools and implements.  Some thrown away and broken beyond repair, but all crafted to be functional again. At Sterling’s they are brought back to life in a highly creative way.

The artful world of recycling!

“Old, has known better days” implements welded together as a bola. Quite creative I’d say!

I can just picture this old bath tub, scrubbed clean with  funky new fabric, upholstered as a couch, standing on a porch overlooking green pastures…

This lovely Tree Aloe cough my eye – it was chopped off but refused to die. It now adds a bit of greenery to the surroundings. Perfect!

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