Jan 152012

While en route on the Mean­der, we dis­cov­ered another inno­v­a­tive lit­tle place called  Pigly Wigly.  A few dif­fer­ent busi­nesses share the premises — a Deli, craft shop, Art Bar, Linen & Inte­rior Shop and Sterling’s Wrought Iron.

These guys are def­i­nitely going all green. And, with being sit­u­ated in a farm­ing com­mu­nity they have access to numer­ous old dis­carded tools and imple­ments.  Some thrown away and bro­ken beyond repair, but all crafted to be func­tional again. At Sterling’s they are brought back to life in a highly cre­ative way.

The art­ful world of recycling!

Old, has known bet­ter days” imple­ments welded together as a bola. Quite cre­ative I’d say!

I can just pic­ture this old bath tub, scrubbed clean with  funky new fab­ric, uphol­stered as a couch, stand­ing on a porch over­look­ing green pastures…

This lovely Tree Aloe cough my eye — it was chopped off but refused to die. It now adds a bit of green­ery to the sur­round­ings. Perfect!

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