Dec 182011

We were hungry and my vehicle was running low on fuel.

10 Kilometers down the road loomed a PetroPort and we decided to stretch our legs, re-fuel and grab something to eat.  A filling station, restaurants, take aways, coffee shops and rest rooms and play stations for kids at a One Stop convenience situated all along the main highways of South Africa. Towns are quite far apart on this stretch of road and these One Stops provide an opportunity to catch a break and relaxing for a while, part of the “Arive Alive initiative.

Bellies full and legs stretched, we decided to explore and found enStyle, a shop specialising in Proudly South African hand crafted productsA warm smile and friendly greeting made us feel like old friends dropping in to say hello. I guarantee you will find something here to take home – no matter which style or colour you prefer, or whatever your budget.

Step inside with me and have a look…

Those reindeer had me – aren’t they just too cute?

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