Dec 132011

Mirrors have the ability to open up a small space and make it seem bigger, and what better place than the Entryway?  But there is so much more to mirrors.  A large mirror can fill up an otherwise empty space, creates unity between all the different decor elements and often is exactly that missing piece that pulls the whole look together.

If you have doubts about the artwork that will suit a particular look, why not try a mirror instead?  Adding an interesting frame, division or patina detail has the ability to make any mirror a work of art in itself.

I love working with mirrors – not only does it a add an interesting focal point but it adds ambiance, light & pattern in the way that it changes the mood of a room as the day moves on into night.  It has to ability to create unity or  division and reflects an ever-changing canvas as people enter or leave the room. 



Source: houzz.com via Irma on Pinterest




Source: hgtv.com via Irma on Pinterest




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